Name: Lance Flores

Position: Art Director, Photographer & Muralist

Currently at: The Cause Church & Freelance

Previously:  BALDWIN, MMGY Global & Barkley

Location: Kansas City

College: Kansas City Art Institute


Lance currently works part-time as a content designer at The Cause Church and is also a freelance creative currently “creating” mainly in the Kansas City area. He has a heart for people, office supplies and chicken tenders. He’s an avid instagrammer and identifies his introverted self as a designer, photographer, muralist, letterer, traveler and illustrator. He’s been passionately pushing his craft the past six years throughout shops including Barkley, MMGY Global and BALDWIN – each place helped him sharpen different aspects of skills. 

His client experience includes Nike, Budweiser, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Ball Canning, BALDWIN, Cole Haan, Zico Coconut Water, Music Bed, Sprint, Lufthansa Airlines, Manifesto, Doughnut Lounge and more.

His work has been recognized in Cannes, Communication Art, Branding Served, Designsponge, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Trouvé Mag, Film + Music Magazine, Interior Design Magazine and others.


1. I carry band-aids in my wallet

2. My first job was at a fireworks stand

3. I once bowled a 279 in my youth bowling league

4. I was born with a hole in my heart 

5. I'm allergic to guacamole (avcados) but I eat it anyway because it's delicious

6. Chicken tenders are probably my favorite food

7. I love miniature objects, especially miniature globes

8. I'm Hawaiian, Guamanian, Greek, German, Spanish, Chinese & Italian (or so I'm told by my parents)

9. I trained myself to not dot my "i"s in my handwriting

10. I'm a recovering hoarder


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